Clint Claessen

PhD Student - Political Science

Hi, I am Clint, a doctoral researcher at the Department of Social Sciences - University of Basel. My work is focused on Party Leaders in Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. I am mainly interested in their political careers, legislative speeches and social media appearance. To study this topic, I make use of sequence analysis, machine learning and text analysis tools.

Before joining Prof. Stefanie Bailer (Main Supervisor) and Prof. Denise Traber (Co-Supervisor) in Basel, I obtained a Master of Science in Teacher Training Social Studies from the University of Amsterdam and a Master of Arts in Comparative and International Studies from the ETH Zurich.


Claessen, Clint (2023). Accruing career capital: How party leaders with more political experience survive longer Party Politics, Online First.

Claessen, Clint; Bailer, Stefanie; and Turner-Zwinkels, Tomas (2021). The winners of legislative mandate: An analysis of post‐parliamentary career positions in Germany and the Netherlands. European Journal of Political Research, 60(1), 25-45.

Working Papers

Claessen, Clint; Traber, Denise; and Schoonvelde, Martijn. Voter signalling and coalition adjustment: Party competition and environmental speeches in the German Bundestag.

Claessen, Clint; Walder, Maxime; and Alberto, Anthea. Picture-perfect: On the relationship between party leader visibility and voting during party leader elections.

Claessen, Clint; Ohmura, Tamaki; and Bailer, Stefanie. Ideology or career? On the individual and structural reasons for joining youth parties.

Claessen, Clint. Staring out young: How youth wing experience impacts party leader survival.


Journal of Politics, Party Politics, European Journal of Political Research, European Journal of Gender and Politics, Scandinavian Political Studies


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